Not another expat blog

Not another expat blog

22 March 2019 4 By claudia

My name is Claudia, I am a French immigrant living in Denmark. I first moved to Aarhus as an exchange student, fell in love with the country (and with a Dane), and a few years later decided to permanently move here. It has been – and still is – an exciting ride, with ups and downs, pleasant surprises and disappointments, but all in all very worth it. 

I have met a lot of internationals in Denmark, and I noticed some patterns and common experiences that many of us share. I also know that many internationals end up leaving the country, for different reasons but that always makes me sad as I believe there is richness in diversity. I am convinced that one of the reasons some internationals choose to leave, is that they do not fully understand Denmark or the Danes (and of course there’s the weather, let’s be honest), and do not feel understood in return.

Therefore my goal with this blog is to share the insight I have gained as a French in Denmark. I wish to dig deeper into why integration is so hard in Denmark, give internationals the keys to understand Danish culture and way of thinking, and invite Danes to an external point of view on their culture (all based on my humble experience).

My second goal is to demystify French culture and debunk stereotypes, as I have noticed that many people (Danes included) don’t understand some aspects of France, even though they are attracted to the country in general.

Me trying to fit into the clichés

I really like living in Denmark, I wouldn’t live anywhere else right now. But as any other place in the world, it’s not always fun and roses. I just wish to provide a different point of view, as I don’t feel that immigrants are being heard enough in the Danish media, even though we are the topic of much public debate (but that’s another story). And yes, I call myself an immigrant and not an “expat” as Western newcomers are often referred to. An expat is someone only staying for some time with plans to leave, and that’s not my case. Alright, we’re already getting political! 😉